Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Time to Atone

Dr. Saroj Kesar, an elderly gynaecologist was ruthlessly run over by a black Maruti Swift in Alaknanda Market on the 25th of January.
She is survived by her husband, Dr. D.K. Kesar, who is the Head of Department at Internal Medicine at Escorts Hospital, Faridabad. They had gone shopping for their daughter who was expecting at that time and were crossing the road when they experienced a sudden blackout and lost consciousness.
When Dr. Kesar regained consciousness, he was told his wife had been taken to hospital, where she was declared to have expired. Dr. D.K. Kesar also sustained injuries to his knee.
A third pedestrian was also hit by the car and was admitted in a critical  condition to the same hospital.

Eyewitnesses report that the lady doctor was thrown up in the air with the force of the impact, then dragged under the car's wheels for some distance.

The car then sped through a police barricade that was located some distance from the scene of the crime. It was not challenged by the cops, no one took down the license plate numbers, and the juggernaut escaped without a dent of remorse.

What could be more shameful for the collective conscience of the Nation, that on the eve of Republic Day, when the Capital is on High Security, when the cops have apparently been told to keep their eyes peeled for suspicious elements who could be terrorists, someone can get away with an incident like this?
Were the cops sleeping? Were they busy collecting bribes?
They claim they are still clueless about the identity of the killer. Have they no idea about how to go about investigating the crime? How many black Maruti Swifts are there in the city? Why can't all the owners be rounded up and asked for alibis and an inspection of their cars for clues? Why are the cops still sleeping?

If it is wrong to kill, and bad karma to kill a human being, how much worse should it be to kill a human being whose sole purpose in life was to provide healthcare to others, to kill a doctor? How bad must be the karma that would chase such a killer and how much worse, that of the policemen who are doing nothing about it. And we, who are doing nothing about urging the cops to do their duty, are the worst offenders of all.

It is a sad reflection of the state of our Nation, that we color ourselves saffron-white-green, we wave flags and declare that we are proud of our Motherland, singing maa tujhe salaam, but on the eve of a Patriotic day, a senior citizen, a mother, and such a one who has brought so many young ladies to motherhood by virtue of her profession is killed in a most violent manner, and our conscience remains unpricked.

We behave like rude mannerless children who have been spoilt by too much freedom. We don't apologise for our bad behaviour, we don't thank other people for the favours they provide, and most certainly, nobody says "Please"! We have forgotten the manners that our mothers taught us on their laps, and no doubt some of us were never even taught manners at all.

It is now time to atone. And do something constructive about it.

What Can We Do?

This Blog was started for a practical purpose. We would like you report traffic offenders.
If you are witness to any traffic offense, say you spot a speeding car zig-zagging its way through traffic, or a truck runs through a red light and you happen to notice, we would like you to note down just 5 facts:

1. The desciption of the vehicle (e.g. black Swift, red Santro, green truck)
2. The license plate number of the offending vehicle
3. The date and time of the event
4. The place of the event (e.g on road going from Naraina to Patel Nagar)
5. The nature the event (e.g. driving too fast, truck doesn’t have warning red flag on its cargo of steel rods, etc.)

Email these facts to with the word Kesar in the subject line and we will create a daily MS Excel report compiled from all the emails we receive. We hope then that the police can download the report and useit to cross check with reported accidents and events. We hope the cops wake up and take some action. We hope they will partner with the citizens and rid our city of crime.

We do not claim it will be a panacea, we do not claim it will be a comprehensive Possible Offenders List, but it will be an effort in the right direction. It will involve all of us in collaboration with the police and we hope it will be a beacon of hope for justice. There may be days when we have nothing to report. We will inform the police of updates.

We are all guilty because we have tolerated our own iniquities, tolerated the lethargy of our law machines, and created our own society of random behaviour without common sense or manners.

We must all atone. Now. For the sake of our mothers, and for the sake of our Motherland.